Review: Baba Chews


baba chews

Kueh Pie Tee, Ayam uah Keluak, Iberico Pork Ribs Pongteh, Chap Chye, and Sambal Stingray (Dinner menu:

We brought 2 of our korean friends for some “authentic” peranakan cuisine at East Coast Road on Good Friday. Well, we tried quite a few peranakan restaurants there, so Baba Chews was the next on the list. We stayed at Hotel Indigo over the Christmas weekend last year, and was quite blown away by the yummy breakfast.

Located at 86 East Coast Road at Katong Square, the restaurant offers a few menus. One was more peranakan such as the Ayam Buah Keluak (spicy – not that spicy chicken with black nut), Chap Chye, and we all thought that the Iberico Pork Ribs Pongteh was the most yummy! The Kueh Pie Tee kind of lifted the everyday ordinary favourite into a more ‘atas’ appetizer and our korean guests looked impressed!

The stingray was so-so though, but I definitely recommend a trip to Baba Chews. We spent $120+ for 4 pax (with so many kinds of dishes though the portions were small), there was quite good ambience and wasn’t crowded on a public holiday.

Do book it on chope here:

You can view the menus for more info too!





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