Review: Second Storey Cafe Bar


Second Storey Cafe Bar goes by “Cafe by day, gamer bar by night” – well we only visited for brunch, so we shall not comment much on its night activities. (haha sounds wrong)
Anyway, we wanted to try it for the longest time as it used to be a lan shop that one of us visited when we were younger. We bought a groupon on fave (the new groupon) and realised that the prices actually didn’t differ that far off from its original price, apart from the “free” drink.

We tried the slow cooked beef stew – it was okay, potatoes were abit undercooked, it was kind of hard. The chicken waffles was okay too but the waffle was a little soggy. It was quite disappointing since they were the recommended items/ favs on chope!

However, the place has good service, and it is good for kids (with a kids corner) and wide space (suitable for big groups). I think they do corporate events too with an extended room / private event area.

Don’t think I’ll go back, but it is worth a try if you’re in the area. Think it’s a relatively affordable brunch area (below $15) and there’s no service charge.

Chope your seats here:


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