Review: The Waterfall @ Shangri La


Hmmm am i slow or what? I love this place!
They call themselves “A Love Story from Southern Italy” and yes, though it’s a little cheesy they can call themselves whatever they want because I will still go back for some yum!

We ate in a big group of 6 adults + 5 kids so we seriously ordered quite a bit.
Here’s the menu :,_Shangri-La/dining/restaurants/waterfall/Waterfall%20Menu%20240316.pdf

But seriously, order the –
1. Beef – cos it’s yummy (see above and salivate now haha)
2. Seafood stew – we got two – fish, prawn, lobster, mussels, (maybe clams too)
3. Pasta – we got the carbonara (it’s only $19, say what?! + big portions)
4. sharing dessert platter thingy
5. some octopus appetizer thingy

tried another appetizer with mascarpone cheese and tomato but it was only okay so you can give it a miss unless you love cheese and tomatoes.

definitely a great place to bring your whole family! yay!


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