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Okay, my current favourite in The Voice! Seriously…

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Review: The Waterfall @ Shangri La


Hmmm am i slow or what? I love this place!
They call themselves “A Love Story from Southern Italy” and yes, though it’s a little cheesy they can call themselves whatever they want because I will still go back for some yum!

We ate in a big group of 6 adults + 5 kids so we seriously ordered quite a bit.
Here’s the menu :,_Shangri-La/dining/restaurants/waterfall/Waterfall%20Menu%20240316.pdf

But seriously, order the –
1. Beef – cos it’s yummy (see above and salivate now haha)
2. Seafood stew – we got two – fish, prawn, lobster, mussels, (maybe clams too)
3. Pasta – we got the carbonara (it’s only $19, say what?! + big portions)
4. sharing dessert platter thingy
5. some octopus appetizer thingy

tried another appetizer with mascarpone cheese and tomato but it was only okay so you can give it a miss unless you love cheese and tomatoes.

definitely a great place to bring your whole family! yay!

Review: Second Storey Cafe Bar


Second Storey Cafe Bar goes by “Cafe by day, gamer bar by night” – well we only visited for brunch, so we shall not comment much on its night activities. (haha sounds wrong)
Anyway, we wanted to try it for the longest time as it used to be a lan shop that one of us visited when we were younger. We bought a groupon on fave (the new groupon) and realised that the prices actually didn’t differ that far off from its original price, apart from the “free” drink.

We tried the slow cooked beef stew – it was okay, potatoes were abit undercooked, it was kind of hard. The chicken waffles was okay too but the waffle was a little soggy. It was quite disappointing since they were the recommended items/ favs on chope!

However, the place has good service, and it is good for kids (with a kids corner) and wide space (suitable for big groups). I think they do corporate events too with an extended room / private event area.

Don’t think I’ll go back, but it is worth a try if you’re in the area. Think it’s a relatively affordable brunch area (below $15) and there’s no service charge.

Chope your seats here:

Review: Baba Chews


baba chews

Kueh Pie Tee, Ayam uah Keluak, Iberico Pork Ribs Pongteh, Chap Chye, and Sambal Stingray (Dinner menu:

We brought 2 of our korean friends for some “authentic” peranakan cuisine at East Coast Road on Good Friday. Well, we tried quite a few peranakan restaurants there, so Baba Chews was the next on the list. We stayed at Hotel Indigo over the Christmas weekend last year, and was quite blown away by the yummy breakfast.

Located at 86 East Coast Road at Katong Square, the restaurant offers a few menus. One was more peranakan such as the Ayam Buah Keluak (spicy – not that spicy chicken with black nut), Chap Chye, and we all thought that the Iberico Pork Ribs Pongteh was the most yummy! The Kueh Pie Tee kind of lifted the everyday ordinary favourite into a more ‘atas’ appetizer and our korean guests looked impressed!

The stingray was so-so though, but I definitely recommend a trip to Baba Chews. We spent $120+ for 4 pax (with so many kinds of dishes though the portions were small), there was quite good ambience and wasn’t crowded on a public holiday.

Do book it on chope here:

You can view the menus for more info too!




where to celebrate your pup’s birthday

puppy, singapore

Where do you celebrate your pup’s birthday? Well… of course it depends on your budget. Recently, our pup Shaggy celebrated his buddy’s Thumper’s birthday at his house. (Though he got bitten by one of the other attendees… boo!) It was personalised and fuss-free though, and he even got a birthday goodie bag! Here are some ideas for puppy birthdays, and some stuff that we did for Shaggy too! (he is only 2!)

[1] Doggy Cafe!

We celebrated Shaggy’s first birthday at 3 Barks Cafe at Joo Chiat. There are 2 storeys and a private area (if you spend a certain amount – i can’t remember the figure, probably around $150?) We invited Shaggy’s friends and had goodie bags for all the doggies ($2 daiso doggy plushie and a poop bag) – check out the pic on top (though the frenchie wasn’t part of the group but stole Shaggy’s thunder by being in the middle anyway). HAHA. We ordered a cake from the nearby The Barkery ( yummy customised cake!!!

The second floor of 3 barks is really spacious with a slide and other obstacle course items. Highly recommended for the low cost (compared to other “specialised private birthday parties”!)

[2] Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Do you know that dogs are allowed at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore? Though there are some rules – dogs should weigh lesser than 6.8kg (approx 15 pounds) and you will have to pay $100 for a cleaning fee. We brought Shaggy there once, but not for his birthday though. The hotel provided a water bowl and a bed (upon request). It’s cool if you like a small private birthday celebration for your doggy but I’m not so sure if the hotel will welcome a whole room of dogs (HMMMM :S) !! More dog friendly hotels here:

[3] Home

Of course, having a party at home is the most economical and personal. No limit to the number of doggy friends your pup can invite too! Put on your party hats, buy some treats and customize some goodie bags!

[4] Doggy park

Bishan park always recommended, though there will be a lot of “intruders” and it is usually packed during the weekends. A great place for dogs to run around and socialise!

Ha, I came across this site while writing this post ( do check it out too! YOGA PARTY!!

Happy birthday to your doggy in advance! 🙂

the east side

singapore, walkwalk


The East Side – okay, i’m not referring to the far east, but the cool hippy east side. Katong / Marine Parade / Joo Chiat area. I don’t live in this area but worked here for four years so here is a list of places i’ll visit for a short jalan-jalan (say half a day at least).

There is a good mix of old and new, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Peranakan influence there!

Places you should visit

[1] Koon Seng Road

If you’re an avid Instagrammer or photographer, you will love this stretch of road. You’ll find well-designed picturesque shophouses, homes, some in distinct Peranakan styles of ornate eclectic Chinese styles. Read about its history here:

[2] Katong Antique House (208E East Coast Road)

I visited this place for work and the owner of this place, Mr Peter Wee , is a fourth-generation Baba. There’s lots of publicity for this place, a unique antique shop that has items such as furniture and crockery. I guess there was a craze for all things peranakan after the success of Little Nyonya. Do check out Kim Choo that’s along the stretch for some nice ba zhang.  (

[3] East Coast Road Conservation Houses

Walked past this place, which makes a great instagram showpiece as well! Couldn’t find much information on this place apart from some property guru sites. You can take a break at the nearby Chin Mee Chin, at 204 East Coast Road. It’s an old school coffee shop and the local coffee, kaya toast and cakes are supposedly the best. I have only tried some of the cakes though! Do note that it’s not open on Mondays and closes at 4.30pm!

[4] Alibabar

Alibabar is a hawker place by day (maybe kopitiam too) and bar at night. Cool concept right? The prawn noodles is supposedly quite good, the burgers are nice too. It’s right opposite i12!

[5] Cat Socrates (448 Joo Chiat Road)

Quite a hipster place with a few outlets around Singapore, but still a great place to drop by! (for some cool stuff, aircon, and its resident cat!)

[6] Birds of Paradise (63 East Coast Road)

For some yummy ice-cream and yes, to take that Birds of Paradise background pic.

[7] Group Therapy Coffee at Katong V

Loved the mint chocolate – great place for tea (not so much the food though), oh but Baba Chews (just down the road – at Hotel Indigo) is oh-so-yummy. A must go! (Link here: